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The SKW method was created by nurse practitioner and hairstylist, Sarah K. Wilks. She used her extensive medical knowledge to develop a method that protects both the air and scalp. Sarah is constantly striving to provide the best method out there. A method that is versatile for the stylists and the clients. This is the ONLY hair extension method that is medically approved!

The hair used is ethically sourced, 100% human hand tied wefts. No glue, tape, or heat is used on your hair, therefore there is less opportunity to damage it!

Are you wanting too add fullness, length, or achieve mermaid status? Then I have an option for you!

Please fill out this entire application to see if you are a good candidate for the extensions. Once it is received, I will be contacting you ASAP to get started!

Thank you for choosing me! 

Girl if you are here,
you are thinking about making an investment. Please read about it! 

Extension Application

The initial investment ranges from $800–$2,000 (deposit included)

This total is narrowed down during your consultation but will be decided on the day of service. Price is based on where your hair is currently, and what needs to be done to achieve that flawless blend that SKW is known for!

100% luxury remy human hair extensions
Color for your natural hair
Custom color on extension hair for seamless blend
Custom cut to blend your new hair
A take-home bag filled with everything you need to keep your extensions healthy!
Education on how to take care of your extensions at home!

In order to book an extension appointment, there is a $500 NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT.

*This deposit goes towards the over all cost of your hair. The remaining balance will be due the day of service.

The first appointment includes


Handtied Extension Application


*Color is not included in the price at maintenance and is priced a la carte per appointment

Extension hair needs replaced every 9 months give or take depending on how well the hair is taken care of.

I recommend replacing THREE wefts of hair every 3rd move up appointment to keep extensions looking fresh and full and avoiding a large investment at the end of your 6-9 month period.

Hair is priced per weft and is priced as follows:

Row one $120
Row two $120
Mini $50+

Your extensions wills need to be moved up every 6-8 weeks. Pricing is as follows:

maintenance Appointments

a few more details

we will be in touch soon!

extensions here we come!