salon is under construction in fredericktown, ohio

opening summer 2022

special occasion hair & makeup

custom hair color

hair extensions

these will be our services

by appointment only

Fredericktown, ohio

with the light in your eyes after we've helped you find your confidence. Obsessed with reminding you how to love yourself. Obsessed with taking care of you in a way no other team of service providers ever has before! 

we're obsessed

lash & brow services

She was a 17 year old virtuous woman. Leah took time to enjoy little things. She found so much beauty in something people would deem insignificant. Such as a dandelion or an old piece of furniture. Leah was in a terrible car accident in September of 2020. Though her death a tragedy, her legacy lives on through the lives of her friends, family, and  Vintage Virtue Salon.

Vintage Virtue was inspired by the life of Leah Staton

how we got here

So that is our goal as a salon 

To help other’s find that beauty within themselves. You are not insignificant.  

Do you ever feel like you're playing a waiting game? Like God is dangling a carrot out in front of you and you are always just waiting for the perfect moment to grasp it? 

We felt that way for 2 years. We GET IT. The process of opening a business the right way and in God's timing is not an easy one. The pieces slowly got put together, meticulously and imperfectly. Our waiting season is finally over and we are so ready to serve you in our salon home! 

We hope to bring you quality and luxury combined with a wholesome family friendly environment.

Each member of our team serves really well in different ways. Our dynamic will make you laugh, help you relax, and feel at home when you walk in. At Vintage Virtue, you are always free to ask questions like 
"Can you pray for me?" & "Can I get a cup of coffee?"
The answer will always be yes! 
 Let’s just say we got you because we've had amazing people pour into us and we just want to do the same for you! 

 lemme tell you why

"not your average ordinary every day, superheroes."

we're different

Fill my cup please>

Are you struggling with your image? 
Do you tear yourself apart in the mirror? 
Are you afraid of walking out of the house without being done up? 

We intend to carry on a legacy of Virtue